Rector’s Message

            Known as “Eastern Anatolia and South Caucasus Cultural Region” this area has been of particular significance for each era because of its rich cultural history and unique location between Europe and Asia. The region has been the focus of attention through the ages because of the Euphrates, Tigris, Aras, Çoruh and Kura rivers which give life to the through which they pass, and because of the importance of the Silk Road. It also has a vital cultural richness owing to the coexistence of different ethnic groups living here over the centuries.

            The Eastern Anatolia and South Caucasus has become an essential field of study in view of possessing such a rich cultural experience within the relevant branches of science. In this vast territory stretching from the Caspian to the Euphrates and from the Caucasus to Mesopotamia, historical and archaeological research into the cultural development of mankind over thousands of years has a history going back for a hundred years.

            Within the framework of the Eurasian Silk Road Universities Consortium (ESRUC) led by Ataturk University, one of the most well-established educational institutions in the region and having a leading role in the development of the region’s archaeology, and under the umbrella of the Eurasian Silk Road Civilizations Forum, the East Anatolian-South Caucasus Culture District will be evaluated scientifically with an international symposium. Within the scope of this symposium entitled “East Anatolia – South Caucasus Cultures”, which will be held on 10 -13 October 2012, research in the fields of Ancient History, Archaeology, Art History and Ethnoarchaeology will be presented. In this way, scientific communication among universities in the region will be imparted. In the expectation that this will broaden horizons in the world of science, I express my sincere gratitude to those who have contributed to this organization and to all participants.

Prof. Hikmet KOÇAK
Rector of Atatürk University